We deliver real feedback for creators and brands, via our exclusive global audience of content lovers/reviewers.

Improve your content and boost your social subscribers, view time, followers, and more with an audience of real people.

Here's how it works:


Create Campaign

Create Your Campaign

Content creators (that’s you) create campaigns on Loudhailer, sharing your stuff with our 100,000-strong global membership of real, human content lovers


Members Share

Members Review and Share

Our members (yep, real humans) select campaigns that interest them most, review and share their favorite content.


Numbers Increase

Numbers Increase

Our members interact with your content en masse, in real time, providing you with immediate feedback and success.

Who's engaging with your content?

Through Loudhailer, our global comunity of member-reviewers make choices about which campaigns interest them. When they choose to engage with a campaign, they’re exposed to new content, and receive a small payment that can give them access to better food, schooling, housing and technology.

Ultimately, they’re enjoying your work and helping you improve your content, while simultaneously improving their lives – a true win-win.

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