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People are more likely to engage with a brand that already has followers. Loudhailer is a marketing platform that quickly amplifies engagement with your brand via our army of 100,000 + marketers from around the world. Jumpstart your social footprint in as little as one hour!

100,000+ registered users (growing daily)

680,000+ completed engagement tasks

100,000+ social accounts connected

Social reach between 2.5-10 million people

1,000,000+ total campaign views

Need a social boost or more actions on your website? Start a Hailer!

Loudhailer is a do-it-yourself, engagement marketing platform that puts hundreds of thousands of marketers around the globe to work promoting and engaging with your brand through social media and other custom actions.

Companies such as yours create engagement campaigns (single or multi-task) on Loudhailer. Your brand is rewarded with a larger social footprint that makes others (by "others", do you mean potential customers?) more likely to follow you.

Loudhailer only promotes brand engagements with our dedicated workforce comprised of real humans. No bots!

Boost your Brand
with Hailers including these engagement types



Engage our army of Hailers to share a post on Facebook.



Task types for Twitter include: Follow, Share, and ReTweet.



Loudhailer can track the following Youtube actions: View Video (complete or partial), Channel Subscribe, and Comment Posts.



Loudhailer tracks Vimeo video views.



Reddit tasks include Subscribe, Comment and Hashtag


Subscribe to Newsletter

Generate greater reach for your newsletter with this custom task.


Visit a Page

Need to boost traffic to certain areas of your website? Use this custom task to immediately increase traffic to one or more pages.


Custom Engagements

Create a Hailer to reward engagers for doing almost anything on your website.


25 Hailers

Try Loudhailer for free with 25 Hailer credits. Credits can be used for any combination of Hailer engagements and tasks. No payment information is taken.



Pay for only the Hailers you select. Move the slider to choose the number of engagements.

Pricing &
How it works

Companies purchase credits to be used for Hailers (marketing campaigns).A single Hailer campaign can include multiple marketing engagements (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) which makes Loudhailer.io a better value than other engagement platforms, who charge for each individual task.

Not sure if Loudhailer is for you and your brand? Try it for free now!